LANGUAGE CAMP: Healing Time With International Languange

ZAMZAMSYIFA.SCH.ID, DEPOK – As an international Islamic school, Zamzam Syifa Boarding School is committed to improving students’ speaking skills in international languages. We focus on English and Arabic language, as a priority to learn. To support this vision, we have several daily programs at school such as tutoring, mentoring, and also competition. We realize that sometimes the students feel bored learning international languages at school. That’s why we carry out language activities outside of school.

Located in the Puncak, Bogor, Zamzam SYifa Boarding School carries out language education under the name Language Camp. This event has a fun and happy concept by requiring students to speak English or Arabic for 2 days. This activity creates an international language climate as a whole so that students have the confidence to speak and improve their skills and vocabulary. “I hope they will have more courages to speak English and Arabic. Dare to speak, dare to make mistakes, “said Ms. Sherry, as chief executive of the Language Camp event.

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